Weekly Digital Smart Timer ETE 63A

The item is a UK series weekly digital timer, which adopts electronic programmable design for timing, and can turn your electrical devices ON/OFF automatically. 
The program can be set as 8 ON/OFF, it can be set from 1minute to 1week. 
It will help save money and energy - in the OFF position, timer cuts power to device, eliminating wasteful standby power. It is really a wonderful gadget for choice. 

- Model: ETE-63A. 
- Color: mainly white. 
- Shell material: durable flame-retardant PC. 
- Conductive material: sheet copper. 
- Plug type: standard UK-plug design. 
- Weekly digital timer, IP20. 
- Adopts LCD display screen, to show the working status for easy to use. 
- With built-in Rechargeable Ni-MH battery. 
- Children protector. 
- Min. setting time: 1 minute. 
- Max. settting time: 7 days. 
- Program per day: 8 or 20 ON/OFF. 
- Applicable voltage: 250V, 50Hz. 
- Output current: Max. 13A. 
- Maximum power load: 3250W. 
- Additional function: If choose 8 ON/OFF, Min. setting time: 1 second. 
- Energy-saving timer. 
- Compact and elegant design for easy to use. 

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