Comaptible Brother Labels and Laminated Tapes comes in variety of color, styles, and sizes for your everyday home, home office, and general business office needs.


HIGH QUALITY Compatible Brother P-Touch TZ/TZe Series Laminated Tapes

Brother TZe series laminated tapes 2


Standard Tapes: Perfect for everyday applications. Designed for smooth and flat surfaces like office paper, file folders, and binders, and also most flat, non-textured metal, plastic, and glass surfaces. They withstand water, grease, or grime — the laminates surface wipes clean and resists fading and abrasion. These laminated labels can also be used in hot and cold environments, as well as outdoors.


Strong Adhesive Tapes: These durable labels are laminated for maximum strength and durability. Their extraordinary adhesive properties – up to twice as strong as the standard laminated labels – make them ideal for the toughest labelling tasks you face: Uneven and rough-textured surfaces, slippery painted metal and plastic surfaces, surfaces exposed to harsh environments and many more.


Flexible Tapes: Great for wrapping around cylindrical surfaces. They are an ideal solution for textured surfaces, rounded edges, electrical wiring, audio/visual cables, PVC piping and etc. Best suited for bending, wrapping and flagging.


Fabric Tapes: This tape is specially formulated for use on fabric. Printing results with navy blue lettering on a white cloth background. The label can be ironed onto virtually any cotton item.


Security Tapes: If the label is removed, a checkerboard pattern is left behind on the item and also on the tape making it obvious that someone has tampered with the label. Primarily used for property security applications. 


HIGH QUALITY Compatible Brother DK Series Labels

 Grade A Best Quality Paper with Three-Proof: Water-Proof, Oil-Proof and Scratch-Proof

Brother DK Series Die Cut Labels 1

Brother DK Series Continuous length tapes 2

Paper Tapes: Low-cost labels. Suitable for general office use like shipping packages, storage boxes and binders etc.


Film Tapes: Labeling applications that require added durability. Such labels are best suited for creating long-lasting labels for storage boxes, window displays, and for creating cost-effective, customized signage.


Removable Tapes: Labeling application in which labels need to be removed. These are ideal for making short-term cost-effective signage or printing badges that need to be removed after a certain period. It can be cleanly removed from several flat, smooth surfaces.


Non-Adhesive Tapes: For use with QL-570VM. 

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